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Drone shows are the global phenomenon set to transform outdoor events forever.

Uncover the new entertainment option hailed as the eco-friendly alternative to traditional fireworks!  Cleverly combining cutting-edge technology and creative choreography, drone light shows are incredible, illuminated aerial formations. 

Thanks to the scope of customisation and scalability, drone shows are a versatile entertainment option. Typically, drones can be booked in groups of 200, 300, 500 or 1,000, depending on budget and event needs. Drones assemble to depict faces, logos, symbols, words and more; a unique way to tell a story in the sky. The possibility for brand promotion is endless too!

Highly-impactful, even from a distance, drone shows are a smart entertainment choice for socially safe, public events. Perfect for large scale events, we recommend drone shows as a way to dazzle audiences at international sporting events, expos and national holidays

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